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  • Retail and investment

    Retail & Wealth Segments

      • Biometrics for clients verification
      • Upselling suggestions based on micro-segmentation
      • Phone/ Branch mood detection systems
      • Branch queues predictions
      • Upselling suggestions based social media activity
      • Branch optimization

      Corporate Segments

      • Upselling suggestions based on press & social media monitoring
      • Upselling suggestions based on micro-segmentation


      • Algorithmic trading
      • Upselling suggestions based on micro-segmentation=

      Supporting functions

      Risk Management

      • Press & media monitoring as scoring engine input
      • Machine Learning-based scoring systems
      • Retail: ID picture as input to scoring systems
      • Corporate: Real-estate valuation input based on pictures


      • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to analyse documents

      Legal & Compliance

      • Automatic verification of signature matching
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