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    Computer Vision meets Machine Learning (in the Cloud!)

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    Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Image Analysis

    We create custom solutions for all your problems related to Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Image Processing and Analysis. Our main focus is on microscopy and bio-medical images, however, we also have a proven track record of solving wide variety of other non-image-related problems (robotics, video).


    Enter the CLOUD

    Cloud, GPU optimisation

    No hardware equals no limits. We might move all your data and algorithms into Cloud, allowing you to fully benefit from the unlimited space, security and computational resources that it offers. And if this doesn’t seem enough, we can also optimise computations using GPU programming.

    Let us HELP

    R&D, software development, consulting

    Not only we create solutions - we also provide consulting. In the center of our interests are biomedical problems, and in particular, problems involving automatic detection, tracking and visualization of the objects found in the microscopic images, but we can also help with cases related to smart microscopy, multidimensional data analysis (3D+) and digital pathology.

  • Technology We Use DaIly

    Our daily menu consist of: Cloud, Image Analysis & Machine Learning

    Software development

    •  C++ (C++11, C++14)
    • Python


    • CUDA / GPU programming
    • Advanced Algorithmics

    Big Data

    • Spark
    • Hadoop 

    Deep Learning

    • TensorFlow
    • Keras 

    Analytics & Visualisation

    • R / Tableau 
    • OpenGL / OpenCV / VTK

    Cloud infrastructure

    • Microsoft Azure
    • AWS / Google Cloud

    Software house with a scientific DNA!

    Back in 2012 a group of faculty members founded MicroscopeIT - a software house with a scientific DNA. Their main goal was to develop user-friendly (but scientifically sound!) tools and machine learning techniques for medical diagnostic and scientific research units.


    Since the early days we have grown into a great team (we are about 20 people) sharing the passion of Image Analysis, Computer Vision and Machine learning. We still kept the best of small company - agility, curiosity and great passion.


    With time we extended our scope: we moved away from strictly medical projects. We have worked in Robotics, Data Science and various industrial applications of AI (e.g. Deep Learning, CNNs) in business.


    If you are looking for image analysis experts able to solve even the most critical problems - you are in right place. More than half of our team holds PhD degrees and has previous experience in research (Computer Science, Physics, Biology). We are more than used to working on difficult problems.


    We are located in Poland and Switzerland but we operate mostly on global markets. Currently, our R&D activities are backed by Swiss capital.

  • Partners & Management

    Szymon Stoma, PhD

    CEO / Zurich

    10+ years experience as a scientist. Born entrepreneur. Passionate about Computer Science and Molecular Biology.


    Ric Szopa

    CTO / Warsaw

    Ex-Googler (5+ years in Mountain View and Zurich) experienced in Deep Learning, Scalability, startup veteran.


    Rom Litwin, MPA

    COO / Wroclaw

    15+ years of experience in management and business development in telecommunication and healthcare.


    Wojtek Tarnawski, PhD

    CSO / Wroclaw

    15+ years of experience as scientist. Serial entrepreneur, focused on medical technology.


  • we at work

  • Events and other news

    Members of our team have strong drive into innovation. We support many initiatives in the area of med-tech startups and cutting edge technologies. Below one can find a selection of events we are especially proud of.

    Discussing MicroscopeIT's engine and strategies of computations with Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella

    Ryszard Szopa presented MicroscopeIT's projects and solutions during the special meeting in the Ministry of Development for, among others, Mateusz Morawiecki, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development and Finance, Satya Nadella - CEO of Microsoft, and Jacek Kędzior - Managing Partner in EY Poland.

    Our partner reveals its product on CES 2018

    We were very busy in 2017 designing and implementing a vision system for Aeolus Robotics. It was extremely challenging project, where we applied a state of the art Computer Vision and Deep Learning techniques. We had really hard times with cracking these problems, but the fact that robot drives and sees is a proof that we managed! Some external reviews about the Aeaolus Robotics product can be found on Techradar and CNET.

    Top Polish Startups in Sweden with President Duda

    Wojciech Tarnawski and Ryszard Szopa were part of delegation of top Polish Startups, which presented their work and ideas at Economy Forum during President Duda's official visit in Sweden.


    Check out (some) of our projects (with details stripped due to NDAs)

    Leica Biosystems

    Microscopy, Image Processing, R&D

    On the basis of our experience and research we designed and developed an algorithm used for nuclei segmentation in microscopy images which is a part of Leica software. Some ideas (not covered by NDA) are available in the following paper:


    A Robust Algorithm for Segmenting and Tracking Clustered Cells in Time-Lapse Fluorescent Microscopy, IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 2013.

    European Space Agency

    Image Processing, Cloud, R&D

    Space debris is the collection of defunct human-made objects in earth orbit, such as e.g. old satellites. As of July 2013, about 670,000 debris 1–10 cm, and around 29,000 larger debris were estimated to be in orbit. We worked on the scalable Image Analysis algorithms allowing for debris detection in the images collected by telescopes.


    GPU, R&D

    Our team worked together with Nvidia R&D on applications of GPU units to Computational Fluid Dynamic simulations. We know very well the design and pros & cons of current GPU units and their applicability to different domains.

    Aeolus Robotics

    Computer Vision, Machine Learning, R&D

    We supported Aeolus Robotics by leading the development of a vision system for the new, revolutionary product they develop. Vision system requires not only competences in Computer Vision and Image Analysis - our teams work by applying recent advancements from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to extend standard approaches.

  • connected business

    MicroscopeIT spreads its idea into different business entities

    Partners of MicroscopeIT are involved into broader portfolio of innovative projects. Main companies from our group are listed below.


    Medical Diagnostics

    LifeFlow specializes in cardiac diagnostics. Our team consisting of bio-engineers, cardiologists and ICT-professionals has created an innovative, non-invasive method of identifying atherosclerosis based on algorithms used in computational fluid dynamics (CFD).


    We supported LifeFlow in the beginning by providing consultation and early prototype of a diagnostic tool.


    Computational Fluid Dynamics

    Vratis specializes in large scale computational fluid dynamics simulations. It works mainly as a consulting company.


    We have longstanding history of collaborations on project.


    Deep Learning, Cloud Computing

    Histopixel specializes in histopathological diagnostics. We apply state of the art Machine Learning techniques to improve and accelerate diagnostic of cancer based on histopathological images.


    For Histopixel we created a unique piece of software, that allows visualizing, annotating and processing histopathological images. Cloud computations support Deep Learning techniques and morphological analysis of data. Additionally, the algorithm which we proposed reaches true positive rates >84%, which is slightly above the level achieved by humans. This result was state of the art in 2016.

  • Products

    Through time we developed unique signature technologies

    January 2, 2017
    What is VIRTUM? VIRTUM is a cloud-based technology for browsing, managing and processing large data volumes. The upload process can range from being manual to fully automated e.g. directly from devices like GoPro or microscope cameras. Even multi-gigabyte datasets can be comfortably browsed,...
  • Publications

    Some of our expertise (not protected by NDAs)

    Long-term tracking of budding yeast cells in brightfield microscopy: CellStar and the Evaluation Platform

    Journal of Royal Society Interface, 2017.

    Randomized mutual exclusion on a multiple access channel

    Distributed Computing, 2016.

    Distributed Alarming in the On-Duty and Off-Duty Models

    IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw., 2016.

    Computable Bounds on the Spectral Gap for Unreliable Jackson Networks

    Advances in Applied Probability

    A Robust Algorithm for Segmenting and Tracking Clustered Cells in Time-Lapse Fluorescent MicroscopyTitle Text

    IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 2013.

    An Empirical Comparison of Real-Time Dense Stereo Approaches for Use in the Automotive Environment

    EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing 2012.

  • Press

    They write about us or our work

    "They do not look for publicity, and yet they know them all over the world. A Polish company is doing something that seemed impossible"


    Our activities were covered in Polish newspaper (InnPoland). Original [PL] or google translated [EN] versions are available.

    Netguru Joins Forces with MicroscopeIT for Future Deep Learning Projects

    Netguru's blog

    Do you need to remove some sensitive data from images (faces, cars, logos, etc.) in such a way that the image is not destroyed? If yes, please check out our last toy example, where we use Deep Learning to make cranes disappear from skylines ;) Example is fun, but it demonstrates the power of current AI techniques applied to Image Processing. This result is an output of a quick hackathon where MicroscopeIT (Image processing AI & Deep Learning) teamed with Microsoft (Cloud & Scalability) and Netguru (UIX, design & app). WEBPAGE

  • Join our Team

    Are you who we are looking for?

    (Senior | Junior) Software Engineer

    At MicroscopeIT we are experts in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Our projects are in the areas of robotics, video analysis, microscope data analysis, among others. We have a strong academic DNA (a few of us of us hold PhD titles) that we try to combine with good engineering sense. We are looking for developers to join our team. You’ll be working on difficult problems, and the lines between engineering and research will often be blurry.



    • Intellectual curiosity, strong drive to learn.
    • Fluent English.
    • Excellent C++ skills, experience with Python (especially NumPy).
    • Superlative algorithmic skills, good mathematics background. Experience with: statistics, machine learning, physics is a plus.
    • (Senior) Research experience/PhD is a plus.

    Experience with Computer Vision is of course desirable, but not a prerequisite (we have the people who taught the class at University on board, so we are confident you'll learn). We are looking for both Senior and Junior Software Developers. All requirements except the first two are negotiable. Our office is in Wrocław.


    We offer:

    • Very competitive salary implemented in a transparent system.
    • Private health insurance.
    • Influence on the company direction.
    • Comfortable office space in well communicated part of Wroclaw.
    • Children friendly time of work.
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