• Advanced image processing & analysis solutions

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  • Embrace AI

    Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Image Analysis

    We create custom solutions for all your problems related to Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Image Processing and Analysis. Our main focus is on microscopy and bio-medical images, however, we also have a proven track record of solving wide variety of other non-image-related problems (robotics, video).


    Enter the CLOUD

    Cloud, GPU optimisation

    No hardware equals no limits. We might move all your data and algorithms into Cloud, allowing you to fully benefit from the unlimited space, security and computational resources that it offers. And if this doesn’t seem enough, we can also optimise computations using GPU programming.

    Let us HELP

    R&D, software development, consulting

    Not only we create solutions - we also provide consulting. In the center of our interests are biomedical problems, and in particular, problems involving automatic detection, tracking and visualization of the objects found in the microscopic images, but we can also help with cases related to smart microscopy, multidimensional data analysis (3D+) and digital pathology.

  • Technology We Use DaIly

    Our daily menu consist of: Cloud, Image Analysis & Machine Learning

    Software development

    •  C++ (C++11, C++14)
    • Python


    • CUDA / GPU programming
    • Advanced Algorithmics

    Big Data

    • Spark
    • Hadoop 

    Deep Learning

    • TensorFlow
    • Keras 

    Analytics & Visualisation

    • R / Tableau 
    • OpenGL / OpenCV / VTK

    Cloud infrastructure

    • Microsoft Azure
    • AWS / Google Cloud

    Software house with a scientific DNA!

    Back in 2012 a group of faculty members founded MicroscopeIT - a software house with a scientific DNA. Their main goal was to develop user-friendly (but scientifically sound!) tools and machine learning techniques for medical diagnostic and scientific research units.


    Since the early days we have grown into a great team (we are about 20 people) sharing the passion of Image Analysis, Computer Vision and Machine learning. We still kept the best of small company - agility, curiosity and great passion.


    With time we extended our scope: we moved away from strictly medical projects. We have worked in Robotics, Data Science and various industrial applications of AI (e.g. Deep Learning, CNNs) in business.


    If you are looking for image analysis experts able to solve even the most critical problems - you are in right place. More than half of our team holds PhD degrees and has previous experience in research (Computer Science, Physics, Biology). We are more than used to working on difficult problems.


    We are located in Poland and Switzerland but we operate mostly on global markets. Currently, our R&D activities are backed by Swiss capital.

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