• Management Team

    Szymon Stoma, PhD

    CEO / Zurich

    More than 10 years experience as
    a scientist. A Born entrepreneur. Passionate about computer science and molecular biology.


    Ric Szopa

    Partner / Warsaw

    Ex-Googler, with more than 5 years of experience in Mountain View and Zurich. Experienced in deep learning
    and scalability.
    A startup veteran.


    Rom Litwin, MPA

    COO / Wroclaw

    More than 15 years in management and business development in telecommunication and healthcare.


    Wojtek Tarnawski, PhD

    Partner / Wroclaw

    More than 15 years of experience as scientist. Serial entrepreneur. 
    Focused on medical technology.



    The software house with a scientific DNA!

    In 2012, a group of faculty members founded MicroscopeIT - a software house with a scientific DNA. They set up to develop user-friendly, scientifically sound tools and machine learning techniques for use in medical diagnostic and scientific research.


    Today we have expanded into an energetic team of 19 expert engineers with a mutual passion for image analysis, computer vision, and machine learning. We’ve also maintained the best qualities of a small company - flexibility, innovation, and enthusiasm.


    Our scope extends beyond medical projects to projects in robotics, data science, and other industrial AI applications for business, such as deep learning and CNNs.


    If you’re looking for image analysis experts who can solve your most critical problems, then you’re in right place. More than half our team holds a PhD and has previous research experience in computer science, physics, and biology. We are more than capable of tackling your difficult problems.


    From our home office in Poland and we serve clients worldwide.

  • Press

    Here’s what they’re saying about our company and our work

    "Though they don’t look for publicity, they’re known all over the world. This Polish company is doing something that seemed impossible."


    A Polish newspaper (InnPoland) reported on our activities. Original [PL] or Google-translated [EN] versions are available.

    Netguru Joins Forces with MicroscopeIT for Future Deep Learning Projects

    The Netguru blog

    Do you need to remove some sensitive data (like faces, cars, or logos) from images, but without destroying the image? If so, then check out our last toy example in which we used deep learning to remove cranes from skylines. This fun example demonstrates the power of current AI techniques applied to image processing. It is the result of a quick hackathon in which MicroscopeIT (for image processing AI and deep learning) teamed up with Microsoft (for the cloud and scalability) and Netguru (for UIX, design, and an app).WEBPAGE

  • Events and other news

    Our team members share a strong drive for innovation and support many initiatives that support med-tech startups and cutting-edge technologies. We are especially proud of the following projects and partnerships.

    Discussing our engine and computations strategies with Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella

    Ryszard Szopa presented MicroscopeIT's projects and solutions during
    a special meeting for the Ministry of Development, which included Mateusz Morawiecki (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development and Finance), Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO), and Jacek Kędzior (Managing Partner in EY of Poland), among others.

    Our partner unveiled their product at CES 2018

    We were very busy in 2017, designing and implementing a vision system for our partner, Aeolus Robotics. For this difficult project, we applied state-of-the-art computer vision and deep learning techniques. Despite some complex challenges, we succeeded at engineering a robot that drives and sees. You can view external reviews about the Aeolus Robot at Techradar and CNET.

    Top Polish Startups Present in Sweden with President Duda

    Wojciech Tarnawski and Ryszard Szopa joined a delegation of top Polish startups who presented their work and ideas at an economic forum hosted during President Duda's official visit to Sweden.

  • Technology stack

    Our daily menu consists of cloud tech, image analysis, and machine learning.


    •  C++ (C++11, C++14)
    • Python


    • CUDA / GPU programming
    • Advanced Algorithmics


    • Spark
    • Hadoop 


    • TensorFlow
    • Keras 


    • R / Tableau 
    • OpenGL / OpenCV / VTK


    • Microsoft Azure
    • AWS / Google Cloud
  • Showcase

    Check out some of our projects (minus some details which have been removed due to NDAs)

    Leica Biosystems

    Microscopy, Image Processing, R&D

    From our experience and research, we designed and developed an algorithm for nuclei segmentation in microscopy images which is now a key feature of Leica software. The following paper presents additional concepts not covered by the NDA.


    A Robust Algorithm for Segmenting and Tracking Clustered Cells in Time-Lapse Fluorescent Microscopy (IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 2013).

    European Space Agency

    Image Processing, Cloud, R&D

    Space debris refers to the increasing number of man-made objects orbiting Earth, such as obsolete satellites. As of July 2013, about 670,000 small items (1-10 cm in size) and 29,000 larger items were estimated to be in orbit. To help resolve this problem, we developed scalable image analysis algorithms that enable debris detection in images collected by telescopes.


    GPU, R&D

    Our team worked together with Nvidia R&D to develop applications of GPU units to Computational Fluid Dynamic simulations. We offer extensive knowledge of the design and of the pros and cons of current GPU units, along with their applicability to various domains.

    Aeolus Robotics

    Computer Vision, Machine Learning, R&D

    We supported Aeolus Robotics by leading the development of a vision system that integrated with a revolutionary product they were developing. This system required competency in image analysis and computer vision, which our team provided. In addition, our teams also used recent Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning advancements to extend standard approaches.

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