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    We have developed unique, signature technologies over time.

    What is VIRTUM? VIRTUM is a cloud-based technology for browsing, managing and processing large data volumes. The upload process can range from manual to fully automated e.g. directly from devices like GoPro or microscope cameras. Even multi-gigabyte datasets can be comfortably browsed, managed...
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    MicroscopeIT spreads its ideas to dedicated spinoffs.


    Medical Diagnostics

    LifeFlow specializes in cardiac diagnostics. Our team, which consists of bioengineers, cardiologists, and ICT professionals, has created an innovative, noninvasive method for identifying atherosclerosis via algorithms used in computational fluid dynamics (CFD).


    We supported LifeFlow from its inception by providing consultation and an early prototype of a diagnostic tool. The CSO of MicroscopeIT is currently designated to act as the LifeFlow CEO.


    Computational Fluid Dynamics

    Vratis specializes in large-scale simulations of computational fluid dynamics and serves primarily as a consultation company.


    We enjoy a longstanding history of collaboration on this project.


    Deep Learning, Cloud Computing

    Histopixel specializes in histopathological diagnostics. We apply state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to improve and accelerate the diagnosis of cancer through histopathological images.


    We created a unique software for Histopixel that enables visualizing, annotating, and processing histopathological images. Cloud computations support bot deep learning techniques and the morphological analysis of data. The algorithm we proposed also reaches true positive rates of >84%, which is slightly above the level achieved by humans and was
    a state-of-the-art accomplishment in 2016.


    Lower Silesia AI HUB

    An organization centralizing AI efforts in Lower Silesia and promoting AI at the level of policymaking.

    Cat-astrophe Games

    Game Studio & Design Shop

    An indie game studio created out of love for cats and computer games. CAG specializes in games featuring an engaging story and unique comic-inspired graphics. To develop games the studio uses its proprietary open-source 3D/2D Castle Game Engine.

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